Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflections on the Group of Nine Experience # 2

“I simply want to love and be loved.  Simple, yet not easy.  Fear arises in the body.  And fear can easily cause me to wander off my intended path.  Isn’t that true of the human condition, though?”
“Having intimately danced with the death of my beloved husband recently, I now know what multitudes before me have experienced.  And, the questions…  Profound questions arise following that last breath taken by a beloved spouse.  “Now, just why am I  here?” was certainly one of the immediate ones.”
“To deeply love myself” has been the only answer that has made sense to me.  It will be loving kindness towards myself that will allow me to heal and keep loving life in its totality until my own death arrives. The spiritual practices experienced in the healing presence of the Love, Loss and Forgiveness Group of Nine supports me in deepening my experience of, and capacity for, living the loving life.  I offer a bow of deep gratitude for the timely arrival of the Love, Loss and Forgiveness Project in my life.” 



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brenda, for your loving words and for your love. It is what it is all about.

Love to you,

alex grim said...

Just continue writing this kind of post. I will be your loyal reader. Thanks again.FORGIVENESS

ben buckle said...

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"An International Movement Inspiring the Mortal - Soul - Spirit in us all."

"An International Movement Inspiring the Mortal - Soul - Spirit in us all."