Thursday, May 24, 2012

Workshop, Bennington, Vt June 22nd & 23rd

Living the Loving Life Workshop
This experiential workshop reveals pathways to live a life of meaning and love. Group gatherings and three-person exercises explore practices of love, loss, and forgiveness that are fundamental to well-being. Through honoring ourselves with care and compassion, we experience a deeper, more satisfying connection with loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, and others.

When: Friday eve, June 22nd  5:30- 9:00 and Saturday, June 23rd 9:00-5:00

Where: The Yoga Place  532 Main St. Bennington, VT  (802) 447-0101
Workshop tuition is $120. (There are limited scholarships available)
Registration is limited, please contact us before June 15, 2012

In this workshop you will experience the practices of the Love, Loss, and Forgiveness Project:
•Develop deep listening skills and gain the courage to speak openly
•Grow in your capacity to unconditionally love yourself and others and know contentment
•Honor death and dying and relinquish your fears
•Overcome disappointments and embrace losses
•Learn to let go of your painful stories, forgive yourself and others and experience true freedom
Please join us! Reserve your place. Registration is limited.
Workshop tuition is $120. Upon receiving payment, you will be sent an info packet with directions to the venue. Please bring your own snack and lunch. Coffee and tea provided.

Questions? Want to Register? Contact:   
John Carlson  

The Love, Loss and Forgiveness Project (LLFP) offers workshops for individuals and organizations and support for community-based groups. We focus on human attributes essential for promoting personal confidence, community building, and the ability for all to help themselves and others live well. This project is based on the work of Dr. Michael Murphy, a pioneer of the hospice movement in the United States, and has been developed and refined over two decades in the United States and Europe. To find out more about this extraordinary movement and its founder, visit our website at


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"An International Movement Inspiring the Mortal - Soul - Spirit in us all."

"An International Movement Inspiring the Mortal - Soul - Spirit in us all."